South Wasco Alliance
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Improving Lives and Livelihoods in South Wasco County


About the SWA

The South Wasco Alliance (SWA) is a grass-roots organization of local residents interested in the long-term health of our area. We have created a common vision of what a healthy South Wasco community looks like and are using that vision to guide efforts to develop a sustainable economy, strong communities and improved living standards.

Our Vision

We are a collective community of South Wasco County citizens with a shared vision of a vibrant and sustainable economy. Our communities are integrated and supportive of each other, with improved living standards supporting happy and healthy lives.

Vision Areas


Sustainable Economy

We have a diverse base of small industries and businesses that provide a sustainable and dura­ble economy to support families and our diverse population.

Strong Communities

Our rural communities are safe, clean, and attractive. Each embodies its unique pioneer heritage, spirit and pride, and offers visitor enjoyment and hospitality.

Improved Living Standards

Our living environments and experiences are improved and healthy. Our living experience is continually nurtured, benefiting all residents.


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