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SWA February 2016 Update

South Wasco Alliance

Taking Next Steps

We are a collective community of South Wasco County citizens with a shared vision of a vibrant and sustainable economy. We are dedicated to improving lives and livelihoods in our rural communities. Our communities are integrated and supportive of each other.

Music and Arts in the Community:

The monthly musical jams at the Tygh Valley Community Center continue to be held on the second Sunday from 2-4 pm. If you play an instrument, you are welcome to participate. Or, just listen to some fine music and enjoy the camaraderie.


Grants from the “Confluence Project” will fund an after-school program for kids in grades 4 – 9 who will be working with Native American artists on music and storytelling projects. Music and storytelling are important ways for kids to communicate who they are and how they relate to the place they live in. Among other activities, the kids will be making and playing drums, making collages, and using other crafts to tell their own stories. Also being planned is a field trip to Sherars Falls to study its history, ecology, and its importance to Native and non-native cultures. The “Confluence Project” is an organization dedicated to promoting shared knowledge and cross-cultural communication and understanding. The program will be held at the South Wasco School, beginning in February and ending in April. Community events are also associated with the program. Contact Rich Sutliff (rsutliff@willamette.edu) for information on music and arts in the community.


Out-of-School-Time Program:

The After-School Program has a new name and a new fiscal sponsor. No longer associated with the South Wasco School District, the Out-of-School-Time Program is now a private enterprise by Amber Anderson and is fiscally sponsored by the South Wasco Alliance. Updates and information on this program will be provided in the WamPinRock by Amber on a regular basis.


South Wasco Parks and Recreation District:

The Board of County Commissioners have signed the Order to initiate formation of a non-taxing Park and Recreation District for South Wasco County. Three cities within South Wasco County have signed resolutions agreeing to be included in the district. To receive public input, a public hearing will be held on Thursday, February 18th at 6 pm at the Wamic School Community Center in Wamic.


SWA Business:

SWA Board of Directors:

Changes will be taking place for the South Wasco Alliance this year as it grows and evolves. The 5-member initial Board of Directors has been in place since November 2014 and a few terms are expiring, as required in the Bylaws. Board position #1 will be vacated in March and Board position #2 will be vacated in June. To fill these positions, the Board is encouraging those who live in the South Wasco area to consider being a candidate. Each new member of the Board of Directors will serve a 3-year term. If you are interested, please contact any Board member by email, or mail a letter of interest to PO Box 296, Tygh Valley, OR 97063. Include a brief statement as to your interest and background. The deadline for expressing interest in being a Board candidate is February 19th. Board positions will be filled through a subsequent voting process, with a final selection made in early April. The March WamPinRock article will include the list of interested candidates and a mail-in ballot.


Website: Brian Manning is the webmaster for the South Wasco Alliance website (www.southwascoalliance.org). Brian will be adding more and more information to the site, including past meeting notes, WamPinRock articles, current and future events, descriptions of the various SWA programs and activities, and more. We hope this becomes a helpful way for us to communicate with you.


Fundraising: As the Alliance undertakes more activities and administrative functions, there is a need to build a base of funds to cover associated expenses. The Board anticipates the annual expenditure for 2016 will total approximately $1,000. We will be fundraising in a multitude of different ways and seeking grants to build our operational budget. Please consider contributing at some small level to help the South Wasco Alliance take the next steps in improving lives and livelihoods in South Wasco County. Since the SWA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations and contributions are tax deductible. Mail your contributions to PO Box 296, Tygh Valley, OR 97063. Thank you!!

South Wasco Alliance – Board of Directors

Steve Ellis (chair) – SteveE@southwascoalliance.org

Mike Davis (co-chair) – MikeD@southwascoalliance.org

Lisa Gambee (secretary) – LisaG@southwascoalliance.org

Bill Aarnio (treasurer) – BillA@southwascoalliance.org

Sue Knapp (communications) – SueK@southwascoalliance.org

General Info – Info@southwascoalliance.org


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