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SWA December Update

1.  The deadline to do the survey for a South Wasco Parks and Recreation
District is coming up fast (Dec 7th).  If you haven’t taken the survey yet
to express your opinions, please do so if you can.  Your input is very
important. Here is the link to copy and paste into your browser:


2.  Many people are working hard to push the Broadband issue further
along.  We are writing letters to various parties expressing our need and
universal support for broadband in South Wasco County. Other funding is
being sought and talks with Q-Life and CenturyLink are in the works or
being pursued. And, congressional staff are being tapped to provide
assistance. The WebWorks forum on November 12th was well attended and very
informative.  Good discussions were had afterward, too. More than
anything, it became very obvious how critically important Broadband is to
the medical field, schools, local businesses, and those businesses in the
hinterlands. An effort was made at the meeting and elsewhere throughout
the communities to gather signatures showing support for Broadband. Stay

3.  The SWA Board is meeting all day next Tuesday to assemble information
and feedback from this year’s town hall meetings. Based on this
information, we will be constructing a road map for moving forward to meet
the SWA visions. We’ll also take a look at our operations and make
adjustments where necessary. The Board’s function is to lay a strong
foundation on which to operate, grease the mechanisms for action, and
facilitate those actions; the function of the Alliance in general (the
‘grassroots you’) is to volunteer to be involved and pursue whatever
actions strike your interest in helping to meet the SWA goals. Once we get
the road map drawn up, there will be plenty of opportunities for whatever
level of involvement suits you.

One primary, foundational need that has not been addressed is to set up an
accounting system.  This is required and vital for carrying out our
non-profit fiscal responsibilities.  A call went out earlier for anyone
knowledgeable in accounting and willing to help, and that call for help
still holds. Let us know if you are interested.

4.  The Board held a town hall meeting in Pine Grove November 19th and it
was well attended and well received.  The future town hall circuit will be
to lay out the road map of how to get to where we want to go and what
needs to be done. The Board is hoping that with one year under our belt,
2016 will be a year of great accomplishments in the building of
collaborative partnerships and achieving and showing successes.

As usual, there are attachments to this email.  I have attached the
December article for the WamPinRock and the notes from the Pine Grove

Thank you and best wishes for a merry and magic holiday season!!

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